Friday, May 29, 2015

Last Day of School

A few first and last day of school comparison pictures:

He was so tan at the beginning of the school year!  And his hair is so much darker now.  Poor kid has only lost 1 tooth since that day.  We have late teethers in our family (just ask Tessa and her 1 whole tooth).

Remember those shiny new shoes on the first day?  They've seen a few nights in the Shoe Glue repair shop:

This last picture makes me want to swaddle them in their newborn baby blankets and rock each of the to sleep.  

And now we're off to summer.  Here's to barbeques, pool toys, summer nights, and enough s'mores to last us through the next winter.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Shark Fun Run

I've really liked Caden's school.  They have tons of fact, sometimes it's a little overwhelming.  There is the 100 mile challenge, Wheel of Fortune, Lunch with Dr. T, Dr T's readers, wooden nickles, the 100% club, something-about-running program, school choir, family fitness night, and that's not even counting weekly homework, at home readers and nightly reading.  Whew.  

But one program they did NOT do this year was any cookie dough/wrapping paper/candy bars-fundraisers. (So happy to skip that!) Instead they hosted a 5K  race and encouraged people from the community to sponsor or participate.

It was so fun to watch Caden in his firat race.  Here he is getting warmed up with one of his BFFs Canyon--  

Afterwards, they had tons of prizes for a drawing and Caden won a football.  Yea for happy/healthy kids and a school that promotes that.  

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Holey fun

This year for Tessa's birthday, she got some musical magnets, a pop-up toy and a new pink purse.  But if I could do it over, I would take all the toys back and just dig her a hole.

Tessa loves playing in dirt and sitting in holes.

Really loves it.

So when Chad dug up a dead tree, this little miss was in heaven.  She parked it in that hole and didn't come out for hours.

After a bit, Bryce climbed in and she was less than pleased about it.  In fact, she got downright territorial and tried to push him out.

I know girls are supposed to be sugar and spice, but not around here.  Some days she is stubborn and messes, while others she is dirt and mischief.  She can be bossy and generous or clingy and demanding.  My favorite days are when she's snuggles and hugs, but those days are far between and usually involve a fever.  That's OK, we'll take the daily dirt that comes with this girl.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Spring Snow

We had crazy weather this spring.  One week we went from shorts and short sleeves to this, just a few days later:

The boys worked forever on this snowman.  They were pretty into it.  

And just when I told them to pose for a picture, the head fell off...  I love this picture I captured of them all turning to see it roll away.

Of course it all melted the next day, but we were happy for this one day of winter coming back.