Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Review: October 2012

Chad spent most of his time last fall working in the Huntington Beach/Irvine area.  Working 12-14 hour days, it didn't make much sense for him to drive home (often in traffic) so he sometimes stayed with his classmate who lives in the area.  I took the boys down to the beach a few days during this time and we'd hang out and wait until Chad was off work so we could at least see him.  Although some days this meant meeting in a McDonald's parking lot to grab a quick bite before I headed back home, it was always worth it to see him.

There was something so peaceful and calming for me those days on the beach.  Having my boys contently playing in the sand and waves while I relaxed and watched did wonders for all of us.

We had to squeeze in a few more swims--but only the hot tub was warm enough.  When the neighbor's kitty showed up, the boys jumped out to chase it.

Caden practiced the Thriller dance for months with his preschool class.  They performed it at the Fall Festival.  They asked for volunteers for the mummy wrapping contest.  Caden was really hesitant and I had to talk him into it.  We ended up winning!  Later, he told me he didn't want to do it because he thought he had to get down to his undies to be wrapped up.

For Halloween, we had dinner with the Douglas'.  Then Heidi took us to a spooky street to trick-or-treat.  Caden was so diligent at collecting his candy.  He made sure that he got a piece and to get one for Bryce (who was in the stroller) as well.