Monday, May 16, 2011

Caden says

Christmas 2010

The other day Caden was going to the bathroom #2 and he told me, "I'm going to make a tower of poop."

Another time, when he was all done, he looked in to the toilet and said to Chad, "All my pooh poohs are having a party together in there."

Driving in the car, I said to Caden, "I keep thinking it is Thursday! All day long, I've felt like Thursday." And he said, "And I thinking it's Saturday, mom!"

That same day, we played at his friend Ashlyn's house in the morning. I took a bag of toys that they got to choose one by one and I made a big deal of the kids not looking in the bag to see what the surprises were. That afternoon, Caden's conscience got the best of him, "Mom? Today, at Ashlyn's house? I peeked in the bag."

When I said to Caden, "You're such a good boy." He felt the need to correct me, "Yes, mom, I'm your best boy ever." And it's true! He's been waking up earlier in the morning because it is bright and instead of coming into my bedroom, he goes potty then stays in his bed reading books, or goes downstairs to play toys until I hear him. Sometimes I think he's been up a good 30-40 minutes before I hear him. (Though don't think it's all fun and games at bedtime. Just a few minutes ago he came down to tell me he was "too scared to go to sleep because of the wind--it is going to blow the roof off". There isn't even a breeze outside.)

I came downstairs the other day to Caden giving snacks to his puppies: