Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Hard work

One of the features our new house came with is dirt.  Alot of dirt.  And while Chad has visions of beautiful landscapes, summer BBQs, a fruit orchard and tall red maple trees, I sometimes just see a lot of work.  But Chad reminds me every time I mention this that we want to teach our boys hard work, that work can be fun, and is really good for us.   After I watched Chad and Caden spend nearly 4 hours outside planting trees, I'm beginning to believe him.

Round two...Front yard.

 On this day Bryce came out to "help" which always ups the entertainment on a project.

Bryce taking cover when the wind picked up.  I love that little tuft of hair poking out.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Rise and Shout

One thing we were really excited about moving back to Utah was for BYU sports.  Chad and I both grew up attending games.  It was always such a big deal in my family when it was "your" game and you got to go with my dad to a football or basketball game.  I clearly remember driving to one football game with my dad while he patiently explained what an "option" play meant.  Not that I'm any expert on football, but the basic knowledge I do have is from my dad explaining every call or play to me at these games.  Chad and I were excited to make these same memories with our boys.

BYU vs Middle Tennessee

 One of the biggest traditions for my family was going to the BYU Homecoming parade.  We used to wake up so early to get to the parade so we could have our favorite spot.  I remember I was always happy when the sun would finally come up and warm me.  Now, my dad wakes up so early to get to the parade to save our favorite spot and the rest of us roll in about 5 minutes before it starts.

 Caden in ready stance to get the candy.  He knows how to cheer then run really fast when they throw it to him.
 Every single grand child was there!

Lunch after the parade.  That is all the kids eating and my dad in the background...he's happy to pay for our lunch, but apparently prefers to eat in peace.

Boise vs BYU with our some of our favorite California friends, the Browns....and the guy who photo-bombed us.