Friday, November 4, 2011


I love the cozy mornings of fall. (I also love that by 10:00 it's warm enough to go out in shorts to play at the park.)

We were talking about Bryce the other night at dinner and Chad said to me, "You're smitten with him." It's true. What mom doesn't love a darling little boy watching her all day, ready with smiles and coos?

Caden has come up with some new names for Bryce. Yesterday I heard Caden call Bryce both "Brycer" and "Bryce bag".

Caden started preschool and it's fun to see his personality come out. They gave the parents all this info on what to do if the child doesn't want to go, but I was the one who cried his first day, while he just marched right in.

A few classes later, Caden came home with a gash under his eye and a bruised cheek and nose. An "Ouch report" from his teacher said he won the "days of the week" game and tripped when he was going to get his prize. The next class, the teacher was telling me about it and said that even though he was bleeding and banged up pretty good, he wouldn't cry in front of the class. She said she could tell he was trying so hard to hold back the tears.

The other day he was trying to reach his Trunk or Treat candy which was on top of the fridge. He pulled a chair over and couldn't quite get it. I walked out of the room and heard him call to Bryce (who was sitting in his high chair), "Hey Bryce--will you give me a boost?" I fear the day that Bryce will be able to!

I get tired of picking up Caden's books. All day long he pulls books off the shelf to read them. I gave him a lecture on how he needs to be responsible and take care of his books. He said to me, "Oh, man. Come on, mom. Just pick up my books!"

Caden is loving hearing stories about church stuff...the golden plates, Joseph Smith, etc. I heard him recalling one of his stories to his stuffed animal, "And Repunzel and Jesus were best friends." Hmmmm...not quite....

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Halloween!

My favorite thing about these pictures is that they were not posed--this is really how Batman and Superman acted toward Joker when they met.

Sean, Caden and Kai are all about the same age. Doesn't Kai make the most awesome Joker ever?