Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The big K

The big day came for Caden to start Kindergarten.  It wasn't too big of a deal for me--maybe because I was a teacher or because he's going to the school where my mom teaches--but I was really pretty excited for him to go.

When we talked about the first day of school and how excited we'd both be, he said, "But you're going to cry, huh, mom."  I sure did, but mostly it was all a very fun day.

We started the morning at the park, then went out to lunch.  Before school started we walked into the school where we ran into some familiar faces.

They had a little gathering before school started where they had "kleenexes and cookies" and you could have a picture with the Valley View Hawk.

Caden got right in line when the bell rang.  As soon as his teacher came he assumed good student position and never broke form.  Even if he had an itch, he'd keep his arms folded while he scratched it.   That is definitely my genes--we'll see how long til the other side comes out.

The teacher read a story to the class about a raccoon on his first day of school getting a special good bye kiss from his mom (cue a few tears) before she asked the parents to give a special good bye kiss to their students and head out.  In the short time I was there, I can already pick out the squirrly kids and the trouble makers, and thankfully Caden was neither.  Of course, I'm his mom--what else would I say?

The last thing he told me was, "I'll love you forever, mom."  It's in writing now and he can never take it back.

Monday, August 5, 2013

How to Turn 5

  • Wake-up very early when only your mom is awake.  Share your special birthday cereal (Captain Crunch) with her, then lay back down in bed to snuggle and talk about past birthdays
  • Wait until your dad and brother wake up then jump on every bed in the house out of excitement
  • Call your grandma and grandpa on video chat to open your first birthday presents from them.  Let your little brother hold your new dream light pillow because that's what 5-year olds do
  • Invite your favorite friends over for a late morning swim

  • Roll the BBQ down to the pool for some grilled hot dogs, chips and  fruit lunch
  • If you're lucky enough to have a friend with an amazing mom, she will probably ask your mom what they are planning on for a birthday cake.  When your mom admits all she has are hostesses from the freezer, your friend's mom will bring a crocodile birthday cake, candles and a lighter so your mom doesn't have to worry about a thing.
  • After wearing yourself out at the pool, take a little rest on your bed.
  • Sneak out of your room before "rest time" is over and ask your dad to play WII together instead.  He'll probably say yes since it's your birthday.
  • Head to Chick fil A for some of your favorite chicken sandwiches and a milkshake.  Eat as much ice cream as you want...after all, it's your big day!  Play on the toys and make some new friends.
  • Go home to open presents from your mom and dad.  Clap your hands when you see your shiny new Razor scooter and immediately beg to open the Star Wars lego sets.
  • Ride your new scooter until the sun goes down.
  • Brush your teeth, say your prayers, then proclaim to your mom that this was the best 5 year old birthday ever.
Birthday success!!

Caden's five year old favorites...
Food: Spagettios
Color: Orange
Friend: Sean
Place to go:  McDonalds
Toy: Baby Bear
Book: Space books
Movie: Nemo or Star Wars
Scripture story: Alma

Graduation Week

It seemed everyone was feeling fun and festive the week of graduation.  I swear Chad spent more time with some of his classmates than me the first three years of school.  During his fourth year all of his rotations were away from campus, so for everyone to be back together felt like a party reunion.

Bonfire and BBQ at the beach


Senior Dinner Dance.  It felt like Prom, except for we left kids at home and I started yawning around 10:30.

The day after graduation, we took the whole family to Disneyland.  It was one of my favorite days there, seeing how excited Grandma Schow was at all the magic, and Grandpa saying all day, "I just don't know how they do this."

Bryce holding his Great-Grandpa's hand:

Two of Chad's classmates (Scot and Yesenia) got married the Saturday after graduation.  It was a very Catholic wedding, which I had never been to before.  That night they held a garden reception followed by a dinner and dance.

During the reception, one of the young cousins became frantic because a pigeon had flown into a window and was injured.  She took the pigeon to the groom and all of the new vets gathered around to give their two cents while the groom examined it.

I think I got more emotional saying good bye to Chad's classmates then he did.  They have all eaten around my table, played with my little boys and some even spent a night on my couch.  When I didn't see Chad for weeks or a month at a time, he was with them working on a dairy farm or staying in Nebraska dorm rooms.  After promises of visits and future wedding invitations we completed our graduation week celebrations and said our good-byes.