Friday, June 26, 2015

Celebrating Love

We are so excited Chad's brother Chris married Kristen!  We love her, and we loved celebrating their wedding.  She put so much work into the details of the night.  I kept thinking how much pinterest has changed weddings.  Mine was nothing like this!  

For refreshments, they had a smore bar.  You got to choose your toppings and flavor of marshmallow then cook the smores on these flames.  How cool is that?

It was pouring rain outside, and Bryce went out and played with the cousins which is why his hair is such a mess.  However, I have no explanation for his bare feet on the front row of the formal family photo that night...

For whatever reason, Bryce would not leave Grandpa Schow alone!  Every time I turned around he was grabbing his leg, holding his hand, jumping to get him...  Bryce is lucky he is such a nice grandpa!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Schow Salon

Bryce followed Caden's style recently and came downstairs with his hair all "done" i.e. plastered to his head with way too much gel.

I was making breakfast and it was quiet.  Then too quiet.  So I went to find the biggest mess maker in our house and found her in the bathroom.  At first everything looked harmless...

Until she turned around.  Yes, that is handfuls (literally!) of gel in her hair and on the door.

We've got a family full or hair stylists willing to take new clients, and if anyone wants the Gel Special, we have some experts around here.