Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The state of our socks

A lot of people told me that child #3 was the hardest.  They said it was the one that would put you over the edge and that if I could do 3 kids, then I may as well go to 10.
I don't know if the transition has been hard, but it sure is busy.  And I have had to let some things go.  Just ask the three framed pictures sitting on my living room floor waiting for months to be hung.
Apparently another thing that I've let go is putting my children in matching socks.  I didn't even notice I had done this until I overheard Caden telling Tessa they were matching with only one solid sock each.  I thought it was funny until I checked out Bryce, who was also not matching. Then I just felt it a little pathetic.
So what did I do?  Grab my camera.  Because if I'm heading over the edge, at least I want to document it.

And for the record, my own socks DID match that day.  That's something that will probably change if we spring for child #4, though.

Sunday, May 4, 2014


These pictures were taken on Conference Sunday.  We'd gone for a family walk and about a mile away from our house, Caden found this huge box.  He started dragging it home and instead of telling him to leave it, I told Chad, "Let's just let him go...he won't make it very far."  
Well, not only did he drag it the entire way to our house, but he also stopped and filled it with every "treasure" he found along the way.   After all that, he definitely wasn't letting us throw it away.  It stayed in front of our house for a few weeks collecting more treasures until we actually needed the box one day for a landscaping project.  I loved his determination to get it home and that we are still using it.

Caden is quite the Casanova.  This last week, he's greeted me every day with some "love" news.  It started out with, "Abby loves me."  Followed by, "I can't stop thinking about it!" later that night.

The next day came the confession, "Mom, I love Abby, too and I told her so!"

During carpool the day after, he and his friend Canyon laid out who was loving who in the class.

Friday, Caden met me with mixed news.  "Abby loves a lot of boys...but she says me the most."  He had proof of this with a butterfly she'd colored and cut out for him.  He also informed me that his classmates call him the "Love Expert" but later told me he was just joking, he'd heard that on Frozen.

The primary president told me Caden said quite the prayer in primary.  She said it was a long prayer and he started by essentially bearing his testimony and then gave a short sermon on why we celebrate Easter.  I'm glad it was only that.  I never know what is going to come out of his mouth.  

One more funny thing--a few weeks ago, Bryce was picking his nose and went to eat it.  I told him that boogers are gross and have germs and that if he picks his nose we had to put soap in his mouth to clean it out.  Well, sure enough the next day, we were headed to the bathroom for soap in Bryce's mouth when Caden stopped me and said he would have the soap so Bryce didn't have to.  It made me laugh really hard, but my mom thought it was so sweet she used it in a Primary lesson on the Atonement.