Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Star War's Party

Awhile ago, in passing, I mentioned to Caden that he could have his birthday in Utah with his cousins if he wanted.  I hoped he forgot about it, because with a homecoming, family pictures, BBQs, an ordination, a blessing, etc. it was already a busy weekend!  However, Caden loves being with his cousins and there was no talking him out of it.  So party we did.

The theme was "Star Wars" and although Caden nor I have seen it all the way through (we've watched bits and pieces), we went all out on the festivities.

Here are almost all of the attendees. It's quite a group to get the cousins from both sides. The older boy cousins also came as "helpers" though I think they ended up loving it as much as the little ones.  

First game: Destroy the Death Star.  We drew huge stars in chalk and gave the kids these water squirters.  We lined the kids up a few yards away and they each took a turn trying to erase the chalk.

 Next up: Pin the Light Saber on Yoda (I printed out a picture and we used cut up straws as the sabers)

Next game: Find the Asteroid Candy.  We just hid candy all over the playground and let them each find one.

We made each of the kids pool noodle light sabers.  At first, we gave them all a balloon and let them practice keeping the balloon off the ground.  Then, Chad led them in a short light saber training exercise (we pretty much copied Disneyland's Jedi Training).  It was all in preparation for....

 DARTH VADER coming!

My two oldest nephews each dressed up.  They were SO good with the kids.  Really, my brother in law should hire them out.  The kids loved beating on the Darth Vaders and because it was just pool noodles--no harm done.  The kids would have taken turns all day hitting the Vaders if we had let them.

We had an easy lunch of Darth Dogs, Yoda Soda, Obi-Wan Popcornobi, Grapes, Wookie Cookies and chocolate light sabers (made out of pretzel rods)

We gave the birthday boy some silly string to get Darth Vader.

Family photo after the fun.

Love this picture of Caden and Grace.

It was a lot of fun!  I loved doing it with all the cousins.  Having Caden's birthday party a month early, however, has created some serious confusion.  For example, the following Sunday in Primary when they did not call him up to sing Happy Birthday, tears ensued.  I also tried to tell him we'll have another small birthday party on the real June 13th and he said, "I know--and then I'll be 5!"  

Sunday, May 27, 2012


Caden shortens or nicknames everything.  For example, he'll ask to go to the "Libes" (Library) or for  "Noodies" (noodles) to eat.  He calls him and Bryce "Broves." (As in rhymes with shoves).  When I am chanting to Bryce, "Ma ma ma ma ma" Caden chants, "Brove, brove, brove, brove..."

When Bryce wakes up first from afternoon naps, I take him into Caden's room and put him on his bed to wake up his big brother.

Bryce will usually give kisses to Chad or I, but almost always to Caden when he asks.  In the car on the way to Utah on our last trip, Caden took a three hour nap.  I could tell Caden was starting to wake-up because Bryce started squealing and giggling, so happy to have his best entertainment and buddy back.

I am so happy my sons each have a brother.  It's true what people kept telling me on the day Bryce was born, "Boys are SO much fun."