Thursday, January 30, 2014

36 weeks

I've been here before.
I swear I'm bigger this go round, but looking at the pictures I'm probably about the same.

Only a few more weeks til this baby makes an entrance!  I've been pretty lucky the last few weeks.  I feel good and have been able to exercise and do everything as normal. I still do Nike trainer 3x a week and the elliptical the other days.

When I was pregnant with Bryce, I ate a whole lot of cold cereal.  This time, unfortunately, it has been candy.  It settles my stomach, I swear! My favorite thing currently are the Valentine cinnamon hearts (that you can only get at Maceys, by the way).  I'm ashamed to admit how many (pounds) I have eaten.  I wouldn't let myself buy anymore, so my mom saved me and stocked up with some at her house.  I wonder if she notices that I make a beeline for the treat drawer every time I visit?

After living on fudge, chip dips and rolls for the holidays, I made a resolution to eat healthier starting with the New Year.  I gave Chad and Caden a big talk about helping me out to make better choices.  Caden especially took it to heart, suggesting every time I dig into the whoppers, "Why don't you eat a carrot instead?"  Too bad it only lasted a few weeks before I had to modify my talk with Caden to, "Just don't let me eat too much." 

My brother and sister in law dropped off boxes of girls clothes and it was like Christmas going through them.  Caden looked at them all and kept saying, "She can wear that to church!"  "She can wear that to a picnic!" "She can wear that to a park!"  He's pretty excited.  I hope it lasts.  I say to him every few days, "You're going to help me, right?!  I mean, you'll take care of me and the baby and Bryce until dad gets home every day?"  He assures me he will and I hope he keeps good on his promise.

Bryce is a wild card--I'm not sure how he'll react.  He loves babies, and he loves playing that he's a baby, but having one live here will be a different story.  He has become very independent recently, going potty on his own, picking out his own clothes and trying to buckle his own carseat--all things that will help out a lot.  He is even good for some chores.  I just hope he keeps up the cuddles and the kisses that I love from him.

 I'm sure it will be an adjustment, but I'm pretty confident we'll all survive.  If not...please send cinnamon hearts to save me!