Friday, April 6, 2012

Big boy jammies

I have this thing with pajamas. I love them. They are my favorite thing to buy and I love putting my boys in cute pajamas. Their pajamas always have to be a matching top and bottom--I swear they sleep better that way. If Caden spills something on the top, the entire pajama outfit has to be changed.

Anyway, my neighbor gave us some "big boy" pajamas for Bryce. Not the traditional footsies, but a top and bottom. It made him look so old! I guess he is--I took these pictures on his nine-months day.

This is the same day he started moving. Caden was playing a fish game and Bryce wanted it. He worked and worked, and finally figured he can scoot himself to where he wants to go. I think Caden was less than thrilled with his brother's new discovery...I know I wasn't too happy--having a stationary baby is much easier on the mom!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wii for all ages

Over Spring Break I found all my boys playing Wii. Chad had the wii-mote, Caden had one that was disconnected, and Bryce joined in the fun with a cell phone.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Little fish in the big sea

After finding Bryce smashed like this in his cradle a few times, I decide it was time to set-up his crib.

Chad and his parents made this cradle and I love putting my babies to sleep in it. But it was definitely time to move up.

And now...much better. He made that big fish/little pond to little fish/big sea jump.

The best part is Caden fits in there too. When Bryce wakes up from his nap, Caden will go and entertain his brother giving me 15-20 more minutes of quiet.