Sunday, November 28, 2010


One night I asked Chad to please sit on the porch and study while Caden played outside so I could get dinner made.
A few minutes later I saw this:

And upon further investigation this:

Daylight was burned by two boys who love to play together.

I guess the books can wait.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Caden has taken to asking me a hundred times a day, "Mom? What are you doing?"

When I'm in the car and he asks this, I respond, "What do you think I'm doing?" And every time, he questions back hopefully, "Going to Colby's house?"

We love having Colby (and his brother Ethan) over to play.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Caden says

Sometimes Caden is sensitive. Once he was helping me in the kitchen and dropped two eggs on the floor. After they shattered, he cried for over an hour. I could not get him to stop screaming. Because of this we say around our house a lot, "Don't worry. It's not a big deal."
This backfired on me the other day when I asked him to take off his dirty shoes as he was climbing up to sit by me on the couch. "Don't worry, mom. It's no big deal," he says.

Driving in the car today Chad and I were teaching him "Who took the cookies from the cookie jar." After going through daddy, mommy, we said, "Caden took the cookies from the cookie jar." Instead of the prompted, "Who me?" He solemnly told us, "I made a bad choice." Apparently he didn't get that we were pretending.

The other day he told me his first ever made up story. It started when Caden and I were sitting on the couch and a spider crawled on the pillow. Chad took the pillow to the hardwood floor, Caden brought him a tissue and Chad killed the spider. Simple enough?
We have relived this story over and over. Caden always wants to talk about it, retell it, or act it out. One day we were going over it yet again when Caden added his own piece to the story, "The spider say, 'No! No mash me. I a nice spider!'" I loved his first ever piece of fiction.

Tonight while eating dinner I took a break to tell Chad a story. Caden felt it his job to warn me, "Mom, the bad guys are going to come eat your dinner." Where does he come up with this?

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Yep, he's two.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Schow Halloween

When Caden and I went to UT during October, the Schow family Halloween party was at the top of our to-do list. Norm and Cindy know how to throw a party.

They go out.

All out.

And while the decorations were spooky and the food fabulous, I think Caden and my favorite times were getting to spend time with family.

Their Halloween village is like nothing I've ever seen. The flying witches, dancing ghosts, full moon and vampires provide hours of entertainment.

I'm a troll. Or a Who. Or just scary...depending on who you ask.