Thursday, June 16, 2011

I still have ankles...and other good pregnancy news.

36 weeks, and baby is right around the corner! Though my feet and ankles are not swelling yet, my cheekbones have disappeared to a puffy, pregnant face. There's a good would-you-rather-question: Would you rather lose your ankles or cheekbones?

At Costco, a guy stopped me in the parking lot to ask how far along I am. I told him just about a month left. He told me I was "tiny" and that it looked like I still had 3 months left. I told my mom about this, calling it a "random act of kindness". She corrected me saying it was a "random act of genius comment by a quick-thinking man".

At the doctor today, he did an ultra-sound to confirm baby is head down and there is plenty of fluid. Everything is looking good!

Yeah, I definitely wouldn't call that "tiny".

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Birthday Boy

While we were in Utah, we celebrated Caden's third birthday. He has talked about his birthday cake for months, and some mornings we sit and look at different cakes online. he finally settled on a spider-man cake.

Caden checking on his cake while it was baking.

Birthday party number one took place with the Schow family. Caden acted so funny while we sang to him--like it was his big moment and he couldn't believe it was finally here.

Party number 2 was with the Gourley family. Per Caden's request, we went fishing at a new, small pond in Alpine.

So exciting when a fish is on the line. I love the kids all running:

I love these pictures of my dad fishing with the kids. It is so much what I remember from when he took me fishing.

Sometimes I can't imagine having two kids (I know, it's time to start visualizing!) Because Caden has been such a big, solo part of my life, it will be a big change when the baby comes. Chad and I were saying today we've been a family of three for twice as long as we were a family of two.

Even though I know we'll love the next baby, and all of our kids, equally, it will be for different reasons. Part of why I love Caden is that he is my first. The first one I felt kick in my tummy, the first one I held and nursed, the first one I fell asleep with in the hospital, the first one to take first steps to me, the first I stayed up with all night curing throw-up and diarrhea, and the first one to call me "mom". I love him for it.

The next baby will have to be harder than Caden because Caden was just so good. He has been such an easy-going, fun, lovable kid.

Chad and I will forever be grateful for this little boy joining our family.