Friday, March 30, 2012

Animal Lovers

Do you think being an animal lover is nature or nurture? Is it something you learn or something you're just born with?

My two boys are animal lovers. Whether they were born with it or learned it from Chad, one thing is for didn't come from me. Not that I dislike animals, I just don't like animals. I don't get them.

When we were dating, I bragged to Chad that I loved horseback riding. A few weeks later he showed up at my house for a morning date on horseback. I about died. We were going to go up the street from my house to a trail in the mountains that led to a beautiful waterfall.

We weren't a block away from my house when Chad realized his dream of me as a cowgirl just wasn't correct. He demanded an explanation and the truth finally came out: the only time I'd ever ridden a horse was in a field at girl's camp one year. I spent the morning on a beautiful hike about a hundred yards in front of Chad riding a horse and guiding another one (riderless) up the same trail.

Caden is an animal lover. When we went to the Thanksgiving Point farm last summer, he stuck his head into the pen, and the little pony came up and nuzzled him. (I know--what kind of a mother just snaps a picture when her son sticks his head in the pony enclosure?)
Most recently, Caden loved Lucy, a hamster my mom got for her classroom. Caden would carry Lucy all around the house, and all of the cousins would ask him to get Lucy out so they could pet her. Sadly, like most hamsters around our house, Lucy's life ended in tragedy. She was squished under the couch. Rest in peace, Lucy.

Anyway, it seems like there's going to be another animal lover in my family. And this is why I ask is it nature or nurture. Bryce has not been around animals very much. But when he saw the dogs at his Grandma and Grandpa Schow's house last month, he went crazy. He was squealing and giggling and trying to go after them. When Grandpa Schow called them over, Bryce was beside himself excited to be so close.

And it wasn't just the dogs. When our family met Mickey, Bryce couldn't get enough of the large Mouse. His face here shows utter awe:
And when we met a goat at the petting zoo, well, I think Bryce felt life was complete.

My boys...I love them and they love animals

I think I'm in for it.