Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Summer holidays

I love summer holidays...especially when they involve Norm's homemade root beer!

On the fourth of July, we spent the morning swimming (what else) and then headed to Schows for a family bbq and the PG fireworks.

These two curly headed cousins found trouble playing in the ice cooler.

On Pioneer Day, we wanted to have a true cultural experience so we took our kids for a hike.  We hadn't made it out of the parking lot when Caden started complaining.  Usually he's totally up for stuff like this, but for whatever reason, this morning he was not feeling it.  We tried everything...coaxing him, encouraging him, challenging him to a race, tough love, and finally found something that worked--we left him on the trail.  We made it to the top and turned around and he wasn't far behind.  We started cheering for him, "Yea, Caden! You're doing great!" At which point he fell to his knees, then flat on his stomach/face.  We turned our backs to him once again and he miraculously recovered and made it to the top.  It was so funny.  Especially because at that point, Bryce ran all the way back to the car without breaking a sweat while I practically dragged Caden back.  I think the lesson about the trials that the pioneers experienced worked--he was definitely grateful to get in the van and turn on the ac.