Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Chad's last rotation of the year was in Boulder, Wyoming (population 76...including Chad).  He loved his work up there, and might have stayed for life on the ranch, if not for a wife and kids begging him to come home.
Chad's parents and I planned a trip up there over conference weekend to visit him.  My parents ended up coming, too, and we have a fun time.  Chad's parents took their dog up for Chad to do surgery on.  I didn't arrive until later that afternoon when he was done, but Norm and Cindy watched Chad do the whole thing.  I'm still undecided, but leaning towards "glad I didn't see that" when I saw the after-pictures of the tumor they took out.

This is literally what I walked in on Chad doing.  He is holding a goat with his knee, while administering fluids (from the bag he's holding).  Maybe I had just really been missing him--but doesn't he look good doing his job?!

After Chad was done working for the day, we headed to the big town of Pinedale where we were staying. On Saturday, we woke up, enjoyed the continental breakfast and headed out to Jackson Hole.  It was fun visiting the Teton Visitor's Center where Caden completed the junior ranger training and was inducted into the club.

Yes, Caden was mad and refused to be in the picture with us:

And of course, we had many, many swims at the hotel pool.

Chad's month in Wyoming was an adventure.  From midnight emergencies to c-sections on calves, he saw and was able to do a lot. I am so grateful he was able to have the chance to work up there.
I'm even more grateful that his rotations are done now, and we don't have any more months apart in the future.  I don't think my sanity could have handled any more.